Understanding SEO


Among the key strategies for getting traffic to your website is through Search Engine Optimization, SEO. Search engine optimization has been defined as the practice of having your website traffic increased using search engines results that are organic. This can be achieved when you have a good SEO article or post. A good SEO article is at the core in influencing people’s decision to follow into the website related to the article, and hence there is a dire need to have that article friendly, helpful, captivating and of sheer relevance to the need of readers. In this respect, writers and owners of websites aiming at winning marketing campaigns are constantly looking for ways to maximize the impact of the article on any given site. In this article, I put down the basic guidelines to follow in writing a good SEO article:


dataTopically Relevant Article

To meet the desired aim of influencing traffic to the website, an SEO article need be of relevance to potential customers need. Find a sensitive topic about a certain product or service you deal with to arouse curiosity. Out of topic SEOs are likely to demoralize readers and thus deter traffic to your website. For instance, if an article promoting a product and linking to your online shop’ the website cannot relate well to the product’s topic of discussion, then readers – who happen to be the customers won’t get the zeal to proceed to the website link and buy the product from you.


Good Choice of Keywords

Keywords and key phrases are the anchors of a well written SEO article. Their selection should aim at having the best optimization for the search engine. Whenever a keyword is entered into a search engine like Google, the best should give the article the best or top (PR), page ranking. How to select the best keyword is, therefore, the question. It should not be a difficult task once you master what you want readers to get from the article. There is no set formula, but a few tips help it. Sit and jot down words, phrases that could relate to the subject. Make sure they appear in the article naturally without affecting the flow of the article and if possible to appear in the headline of the article to make it more optimized for search engine. Interchange keywords seamlessly and spread them equally in the article but make sure they are not too many or too few. 3% to 5% keywords content in a standard word count article is better than more or less of this percentage.


search engineExcellent Writing

Writing an SEO article should not be treated differently from writing a standard article in other publications. The grammar, spelling, and choice of words should be correct. Once again, let the piece be what readers can relate to easily. Remember the basics of writing articles also apply in SEO articles one such basic is having the target readers in mind; how best they will understand your article and relate to it, how best it will answer their questions and so on. Also, do your homework of researching the topic well. This will guarantee satisfied readership of your article.

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